Ceramic Landscapes

“these works reflect the nature of our planet and assume an empathetic fragility”. Suvira

Studio Suvira is sweetly nestled into its surrounding rainforest, a location ideal for landscape interpretations and place for an inexhaustible stream of nature-inspired productions. Suvira’s various travel experiences, (primarily in Australian country) and earth science research, have resulted in many collections of ceramic landscapes being produced in the studio over the past two decades.

The works are strongly textural and testify to years of glaze manipulation where cracking surfaces represent parched desert and breaking ice; where the ravages of climate contrast with verdant vegetation of tropical forest.

This genre of work, a technique developed here exclusively, demonstrates an innovative approach to bas-relief clay modelling coupled with painterly glaze application and surfacing. He has referenced the traditions of both Australian landscape painting and, at other times, Asian styles as influences and built on these traditions to bring a painter’s perception to ceramics.



5 X 1.2 m Ceramic 2015 Commissioned by Elements of Byron Resort