The Studio

Situated in the lush, sub-tropical hinterland of northern New South Wales, Studio Suvira is a diverse and dynamic meeting place of people and process. The light-filled, octagonal timber studio space is a relaxing, rejuvenating and inspiring environment, attracting the curious and enthusiastic from all walks of life.

Suvira’s passion and dedication to his craft is instantly palpable with the studio in a constant state of creative flux, new works and ideas emanating with organic frequency.

Equipped for both functional and sculptural explorations of form and process, in ceramics, wood and metal alike, the abundance and diversity of work produced is of high distinction. One is readily captivated in the gallery space downstairs, where a broad array of Suvira’s ceramic creations are exhibited on periodic rotation. Enchantment continues upon wandering through the sculpture garden, where native flora and fauna set the perfect backdrop for his larger mixed-media pieces.

Also the home of an Anagama wood-fired kiln built by Suvira in 2015, the studio attracts a community of passionate potters who gather weekly to harvest, spilt and stack timber in preparation for the anticipated four day firings. The resultant ceramic works are rich in colour, texture and character. Vibrant corals, emerald greens, sunset pinks and dusty blues intermingle with perpetual idiosyncrasy, whilst flashes, drips and ash inclusions endure as markings of elemental alchemy, trapped in time.

Studio Suvira is a warm and welcoming creative playscape. Inciting passion and curiosity in the hearts and minds of younger generations of artisans, Suvira proffers his wisdom and guidance with genuine enthusiasm to all those who ask. With 30 years experience, his dedication, curiosity and love for his craft permeates the entirety of the space, making Studio Suvira a truly unique and authentic place to behold.